001 – 5 Reasons Why I’m Afraid To Say What I’m About To Say


Any visitor to iampersuaded.com can quickly recognize that I haven’t published content in several months. There is a very good reason for the sabbatical; and it isn’t just because I can be lazy. Over the past several months, I have been engaged in serious soul searching and prayer to determine the direction of this blog. Most of you are likely aware that I have traditionally focused on the subject to Christian leadership. Leadership as it should be applied to life, home, and work. However, from here on out this blog will be devoted to a slightly different mission.

So before I jump into the 5 reasons I’m so afraid of what I’m about to say, I guess I’d just better say it…

Going forward iampersuaded.com will be devoted to persuading men to shine the brightest at home. This tag line comes from a quote by C.T. Studd; “the light that shines the farthest, shines the brightest at home.” This blog will be dedicated to helping men to live out the biblical definition of the spiritual leader of the home – a role the Bible clearly gives to us men.


Well honestly, now that I’ve said it – it scares me just the same.  Let me tell just why this slight shift in focus scares me. I’ll cover them in order of significance to me – greatest last.

Bait & switch

Making this change in focus feels much like a bait and switch situation. We’ve all been a part of a bait and switch situation, and I fully understand the feeling left with such a situation. Many have been faithful to read my previous articles with consistency and some have even allowed me the privilege to send articles to your inbox via email subscription. First, let me say that I greatly appreciate that you have been reading my articles. Second, I acknowledge that I’m committing the bait and switch tactic on you. Please accept my sincere apologies, and please know that I make this switch only after thorough consideration and much prayer. You will need to trust me when I say that this switch in focus is a God thing.

Narrowed focus

This new focus has a much more narrow target audience. Persuading men to shine the brightest at home by challenging and encouraging men to live out our biblical responsibilities as the spiritual leader of the family. Clearly this mission narrows the target audience to men. Now I recognize the needs of women that find themselves leading their family either as a single mom or a wife with an absent husband. I welcome and believe ladies in this situation will certainly benefit from the content. Honestly, it’s a numbers thing – like it or not. Anyone putting forth the effort to maintain a blog full of great content does so in order to positively impact as many people as possible. Narrowing the target audience just doesn’t seem intuitive knowing the desire for audience growth.

Live out loud and transparent

Another change that will be obvious is the podcast associated with the new content. Adding a podcast to this blog will force me to live out the lessons and content in front of every reader. There is a certain sense of anonymity found in “hiding” behind the written word. A podcast will bring about a greater sense of transparency that I truly hope will resonate with everyone – whether a reader or listener. The transparency will also make clear that I don’t have my act together as spiritual leader of my own family. That’s right, we will be learning together.

Family perception

I am wired in a way that allows me to essentially ignore what other people might think of me. I recognize this as a real blessing from God. I’ve seen plenty of people that are seemingly enslaved by the thoughts regarding the perception others might have about them. For the most part, I lose little to no sleep over the perception others might have about me. That is with the exception of my family. I never really shake the worry related to what type of husband and father my family thinks I am. Publishing such family focused transparency in written and verbal formats will communicate to my family a clear understanding of my responsibilities as spiritual leader of the family. What if I can’t live up to those responsibilities? No more pleading ignorance.

God calling

Lastly and most fearful, this is a God thing. I mentioned this earlier, but this switch in focus comes about due to a deep conviction provided by God Himself. Due to the fears stated here, among other concerns, I’ve argued with God against this calling. Every single excuse I’ve used really just boils down to the fact that a calling from God is a really, really big deal. It isn’t uncommon for God to ask a person to step completely outside their comfort zone to serve Him in some way. This situation is certainly no exception – we are already way outside my comfort zone.

So there you have it. The new focus is explained, and in an air of transparency I’ve let you know that it scares me greatly. Reminding myself of the cliche that courage isn’t the absence of fear but the ability to act in the face of fear, I press on.

What are your thoughts of the role of spiritual leader of the family? Do you have any particular topics you would like cover related to the role? Please leave your comments or questions in the comments below.

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