004 – The ONE THING That Will Guarantee Spiritual Discipline

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Do you struggle to maintain spiritual disciplines?  When I say “spiritual disciplines”, I’m referring to consistent Bible reading & study, prayer, personal and family devotions, fasting, meditation, journaling, etc.  If you are anything like me, you know full well that these disciplines need to be a part of your life; however, I struggle with them immensely.  For example, I’ll set my mind to and schedule my day to accommodate more Bible study – not just devotionally reading the Bible, but a real in-depth study.  All goes well for a few days, maybe even weeks.  But then I’ll slip a day, which turns into two.  I’ll pull myself back together on the third day, but it isn’t long before I miss yet another day.  Before I know it, the discouragement brought on by inconsistency brings me to the point of abandoning that spiritual discipline.


Well, I’ve come to realize that this inconsistency in my spiritual disciplines happens because I’ve been missing something.  I might read a book or hear a sermon that clearly communicates the fact that I should be reading my Bible or praying consistently.  So I set out to do so, now that I’ve been reminded that I should.  Inevitably my best of intentions fall short and my discipline wanes.  I’ve been missing the one thing that will guarantee consistency in my prayer life, my devotional life, my spiritual leadership of my family, etc.  I’m very excited to share that one thing with you here.

The very first step in establishing a spiritual discipline, or any other discipline for that matter, must be to define a compelling purpose.  So many times in the past I’ve attempted to establish consistency in my spiritual disciplines because I knew I needed to do so.  Clearly, this purpose is not very compelling.

Simon Sinek has produced tremendous online and written content on the topic of “why”.  His message to leaders, teams, and businesses is basically to start with “why”.  Why do you do what you do?  Why does your team work so hard?  Why does your business exist?  Simon describes the power that “why” has to compel a person or team to greatness.

This exact same principle applies to spiritual disciplines.  A person working simply to receive a paycheck will not likely be compelled to greatness.  Likewise, a person seeking to establish a prayer time simply because he knows he should will not likely be compelled to consistency.  The compelling purpose is the driving force that pushes a person forward through stumbles.  No doubt, there will come a day that disciplines lack and discouragement sets in.  When it happens, reflection on the compelling purpose will foster the fortitude to persevere.

So men, we first need to define the compelling purpose for our various disciplines.  Why do you need to pray with your daughter?  Why do you need to memorize Bible verses with your son?  Why do you need to share a marriage devotion with you wife?  I’m persuaded that we stand a much better chance at consistency if we first establish our compelling purpose.  I hope you will share your compelling purpose in the comments below.


Additional Show Notes:

Simon Sinek – startwithwhy.com


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