025 – Special Announcements – And How To Avoid Being Like Frank Goode

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  • Special Announcements
    • Rebranding
      • New publishing schedule
        • 1 written article & 1 podcast per week
        • Not yet sure exactly which day each will be published
          • Thinking written article published on Monday, podcast published on Thursday
        • Written articles will have simple text title
        • Podcasts will be preceded by 3 digit episode number
      • New podcast equipment
        • Credit to podcastanswerman.com – Cliff Ravenscraft
        • Still learning
        • Already much better sound quality
  • Feature Presentation
    • How To Avoid Being Like Frank Goode
    • First I should introduce Frank Goode
      • Disclaimer: one scene with profanity, mute during the golf scene
      • Everybody’s Fine – movie, use the link, go rent it & watch it

    • Robert DiNero plays Frank Goode
    • Story of a widower that travels around the country to visit his 4 grown children
    • Traveling because his children have all skipped out of the recent family reunion
    • He discovers some harsh realities on this trip
    • Frank pressured and lorded over his children too much as they grew up
      • They were all fearful that they would disappoint dad
      • They were all afraid to give dad bad news
    • 1 way to avoid being like Frank Goode
      • Be careful how you use phone technology with your children
        • Allow them to escape from your management from time to time
        • Recall getting my first company phone, thought it was a big deal and great privilege
        • Quickly became a boat anchor
      • Take the opportunity to be their friend
        • Parenting is best done face to face
        • Don’t avoid being their parent, but be sure to also be their friend
      • Above all else – tell your children that you are proud of them
        • Once had a preacher share he never told anyone that he was proud of them for fear pride would enter their hear
        • I get the thought process behind the statement, but that is taking it way overboard
        • God even said that He is proud of Jesus
          • Matthew 3:17
          • and behold, a voice from heaven said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”

Call To Action
– Send your child a friendly text right now
– If they aren’t old enough for a phone, go tell them what you would otherwise text them
– If you’ve seen the movie, share your review in the comments (without giving away too much details for those that haven’t seen it yet)
– Share other ways to avoid being like Frank Goode in the comments You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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