035 – How To Learn From Negative Influences

You can learn & benefit from negative influences with these 3 simple steps.

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We all have negative influences in our life. This can take the form of a person, a situation, a personal experience, or other outside influences. These negative influences can lead us astray.

In many cases negative influences can and should simply be avoided. However, in other cases, it is our past that continues to haunt us or a family relationship that we can’t simply walk away from.

Therefore, we must ask ourselves how we can learn from and even benefit from these negative influences.

In today’s podcast I’ll share a very personal story of negative influence and what I’ve learned from it. Additionally I’ll share 3 ways that you can learn and benefit from the negative influences in your life. You’ll learn how to recognize a negative influence, determine root cause, and define alternative paths that lead you into God’s will.

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