036 – The Unspoken Role Model

Dad, you are a role model - like it or not

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We hear comments regarding role models in news and media on a regular basis. Sports broadcasting is constantly attempting to convince our children the latest superstar running back is a great role model. The entertainment and music industries want us to believe that our children should look up to the current chart toppers.

I won’t attempt to argue these public figures should or should not be considered role models. I don’t know these folks personally. Besides the publicity that receive from media (both good and bad), I have no evidence to persuade me one way or the other.

However, I think it important to point out the reason that media must emphasize these public figures as role models. It’s like the Christian that must tell everyone they are a Christian. If you have to tell everyone you are a Christian, you may not be. You also see this in politics. Why do so many politicians feel to need to tell constituents they are conservative? If you have to tell everyone you are conservative, you may not be.

In today’s podcast, we’ll talk about the unspoken role model. There is a role model that doesn’t need to be announced. There is a role model that exists in the life of every individual. Some times this unspoken role model is a very positive influence. Other times this unspoken role model can lead down detrimental paths.

Who is this unspoken role model? Dad, of course.

Listen in on today’s podcast as we examine dad’s natural positioning as a role model in the life of our children. A recognition of our position as a role model can enable us to serve well in this position of influence.

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