049 – The Hero Of Woodlawn

The hero of this civil rights story isn’t who you think it is

Woodlawn is a film set in Birmingham, Alabama in 1973. This true story takes place following the Civil Rights Movement and in the midst of desegregation in this racially charged city. The movie production summary says a “gifted high school football player must learn to embrace his talent and his faith as he battles racial tensions on and off the field.”

Unfortunately, this one line summary just doesn’t suffice in describing the powerful message and inspiration packed into this great film. The film chronicles the miraculous events within a high school football team that impacted the entire city. Tony Nathan is the talented football player the navigates the racial tensions of his hometown with incredible grace. Hank Erwin is the sports chaplain that shares the love of Christ with the football team at Woodlawn. Coach Tandy Gerelds is the Woodlawn football coach that leads his football team with great courage.

As great as these guys are, they are not the real hero of this real life story. Tune into today’s podcast and I’ll share with you the REAL hero of Woodlawn.

Be sure to also check out the great videos below for more details on the movie and William Nathan.

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