065 – 6 Tips For Great Conversations With Your Teenager

How to capitalize on those rare moments they actually want to talk.

Welcome to episode 65 of the REAL Men Podcast. This podcast will challenge, encourage, and equip us to be God’s man at home. In today’s episode, we will discuss tips for having great conversations with your teenagers.

6 Tips For Great Conversation With Your Teenager

How many parents long for and would thoroughly enjoy a great conversation with your children? This is especially true with parents of teenagers. Gone are the days your children would verbally unpack their entire day with great excitement and enthusiasm. Now the typical parent-child conversation is restricted to single syllable words at best; often we only get grunts, moans, and the occasional slight head nod. Well, I feel your pain. Today’s podcast will equip you to capitalize on the rare occasion that your teenage wants to talk.

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