078 – Determination To Avoid Divorce

It isn’t the same as a determination to stay married

Welcome to episode 78 of the REAL Men Podcast. This podcast will challenge, encourage, and equip us to be God’s man at home. In today’s episode, we will discuss the difference between a determination to avoid divorce and a determination to stay married.

Determination To Avoid Divorce

Determination To Avoid Divorce

Married couples may exhibit a tremendous commitment to the marriage. But is that always a good thing? At times the commitment is solely based a determination to avoid divorce. Obviously, avoiding divorce is a good thing. So how could this determination be bad?

I see a growing number of couples that are fully devoted to keep their marriage out of divorce court. However, they are completely miserable in their marriage relationship. This seems to happen more among church going couples. It seems the pressure to present as a wonderful marriage and family forces them keep the marriage together.

This commitment to avoid divorce is completely different from a commitment to stay married. A commitment to stay married drives a person to do whatever it takes to make the marriage relationship better. Dedication to stay married motivates a person to do whatever it takes to increase the happiness and oneness within the relationship.

While a determination to avoid divorce is good, a determination to stay married is better. You don’t have to live in misery. No matter what has happened in the past, you can have a marriage that makes you both happy. Episode 78 of the podcast will further define the difference and equip you to stay married. Enjoy.

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