091 – One of God’s Greatest Gifts to the World

An Interview with Stephen Buckner - Part 1

Welcome to episode 91 of the REAL Family Podcast. This podcast offers real help and hope for every family. In today’s episode, we have the opportunity to hear from my good friend, Stephen Buckner regarding one of God’s greatest gifts to the world.

Stephen and Debbie Buckner are passionate about strengthening marriages because it’s one of God’s greatest gifts to the world.  They’ve been married for over 21 years and live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Stephen and Debbie’s primary mission is to help local churches build ongoing, comprehensive marriage ministries.  They believe the church is the Body of Christ and the hope of the world; therefore if the dream of marriage is going to be restored, it will happen in, and through, local churches.

They are also seasoned speakers with a presentation style that is fresh, unique, and honest.  They’ve been through more than their share of tough times in marriage, and they are not afraid to talk about it.

Stephen and Debbie founded Hot Marriage, Inc., an organization committed to strengthening individual couples by partnering with churches to build ongoing marriage ministry.

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