099 – 7 Benefits of Journaling

And why you should start journaling today

Welcome to episode 99 of the REAL Family Podcast. This podcast offers real help and hope for every family. In today’s episode, we will discuss the benefits of a regular journaling routine.

Most people of skeptical of the journaling. Its practice is often viewed as the odd behavior of the social recluse or means of practice for the professional writer. Few actually recognize journaling for the value it brings to one’s life.

In an effort to get you off the fence and into the practice of journaling regularly, let me share with you my personal experience. I’ll spare you the bore of statistics and scientific studies. I’ve practiced several types of journaling for several years now. Let me describe the benefits I’ve seen in my own life directly related to journaling.

Also in this episode – email question
From: Jay

I appreciate your articles about high and low desire spouses. I was hoping you would address the topic of frequency. What do you feel is an acceptable frequency for sex in a healthy marriage?

Part of my answer to Jay’s question can be found here.

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