How To Meet Your Husband’s Needs

3 Commitments To Meet His Every Need

You may recall from my previous article I made things real simple for the husbands. After all, we men are simple minded creatures. I tried to explain to husbands their primarily responsibility is to meet their wife’s needs. Well ladies, surely you don’t think it’s any different for you? Your primary responsibility as a wife is to meet your husband’s needs. I can help you with three little commitments that will ensure you meet your husband’s every need.

I have to be honest, it feels really awkward for me to tell ladies their primary responsibility is to meet their husband’s needs. It feels completely self-serving. And who am I to tell women how to be a good wife? The best I can offer is the male perspective. I can share things your husband is too afraid to say out loud. Not afraid of you or your reaction, but afraid he will also seem self-serving.

Fear of feeling awkward doesn’t modify truth. I have no intentions of Bible thumping here, but this truth goes all the way back to Genesis. God’s truth says, “it is not good that man should be alone” and so God decided to “make him a helper fit for him.” (Genesis 2:18) Insert here any joke you’d like regarding men’s inability to cope with life without women – we’ve earned it. Given this biblical truth, I have to just get over my feelings of awkwardness. And so do you ladies.

Now, with all the awkwardness aside, let’s get down to business. How do you meet your husband’s needs? Let me share with you 3 commitments that, made daily, will certainly meet your husband’s needs.

Commitment 1: Priority

The life of a wife, and especially a mom, is incredibly hectic. There is always so much to do inside the house, so many errands to run, school activities for the kids, birthday parties to get to… It’s futile for me to try to list everything a wife and mother does throughout her day. Let me pause and say we do notice all you do and appreciate it, we just often don’t know how to express it – another topic for another article.

Among all that you ladies have going on, it’s easy to drop your husband from your priority list. All those other activities are priorities in your life and you make them happen. We often don’t understand how, but you make them happen. Be sure your husband is also on your daily priority list and make time with him happen.

Commitment 2: Time

Speaking of time, the primary way you will express the priority your husband holds in your day is by spending time with him. It doesn’t have to be an entire evening or a five-course meal. It can be just fifteen minutes. Make it quality time and the quantity becomes much less important.

Again, we understand you have so many things to do today. But set aside some quality time for your husband and he will feel like a priority in your life. Go for a walk together. Share a cup of coffee on the sofa. Set aside all the household chores and kids’ activities to just spend time with your husband on a daily basis.

Commitment 3: Energy

With all you have on your plate, of course you get exhausted every day. In fact, exhaustion may seem to be a permanent reality for you. I understand. You spend all your energy on others. But be sure to reserve some energy for your husband.

Nothing says to your husband that he matters more than prioritized, quality time full of energy. So do whatever you need to reserve a little energy for your husband each day. Go to bed thirty minutes earlier than normal, take a short power nap before he gets home, and spare him enough energy to put a smile on your face and genuine interest in your heart.

That’s it! Three simple commitments that will certainly meet your husband’s every need. But you may still be left with the question of what exactly does your husband need. I promise, if you make your husband a priority every day, give him some quality time, and devote energy to the relationship, you will soon discover and meet his every need.

Guys? Am I right? Ladies, what do you think? These three commitments may seem simple, but I do understand they can be difficult to do. How can you adjust your priorities and schedule in order to accommodate these commitments? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments below.

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