How To Score With Your Wife

Cover these 3 bases for the win

Every husband I know wants to score with his wife. I know I do. Just like every baseball player want to score in a game, every husband wants to score. We want to score because the more we score the more we win.

I played baseball from the time I could pick up a ball until the summer of eighth grade. During middle school, I developed the inability to hit the ball. Unbeknownst to me, my eyesight was going bad. Obviously, I couldn’t hit what I couldn’t see.

I remember one particular baseball coach that stood in front of the dugout before every at bat and told our young team we had one responsibility. “Team,” he’d yell, “you have one responsibility right now. Get ‘em on, get ‘em over, and get ‘em in.” That was his strategy for scoring. It felt more like three responsibilities than one, but we were young and what did we know.

Our baseball coach felt assured if we understood this one responsibility we would score and ultimately win. Likewise with husbands, if we understand our one responsibility we are sure to score and win in our marriage. So what is that one responsibility?

Close your eyes and image sitting on a cold, hard, concrete bench, shuffling your cleats across the dusty floor of a dugout. Pacing outside the chainlink fence of the dugout, I suddenly stop, grab and shake the fence, and yell, “men, you have one responsibility right now! Meet your wife’s needs!”

That’s it! That’s our one responsibility as husbands. We are to meet our wife’s needs.

You can meet your wife’s needs by covering these three bases.


First Base: Security

Security is the mega-need for women. This doesn’t mean an armed bodyguard or home security system. She needs to feel secure that her husband will do whatever it takes to provide for and care for her and the children. She needs to feel secure that her husband is fully committed to the relationship with no thoughts of turning back.


Second Base: Communication

Communication in marriage isn’t like the signals given by your third base coach. Communication in marriage has to be clear, open, and honest. Yes, you will even have to talk about your feelings. Communication also requires that we listen. That’s right men, shut up and listen. Don’t try to fix it, just listen.


Third Base: Support

Maybe your wedding vows included the use of the word helpmate. A helpmate is a helpful companion or partner. Your wife needs to know she can count on you to be her helpmate. At times this means washing dishes. Other times it means mopping floors, folding laundry, bathing babies, preparing dinner, or taking out the trash. At yet other times it means all of the above.

That’s it! That’s your strategy for scoring with your wife. “Get ‘em on, get ‘em over, and get ‘em in.” You cover these three bases and you’re headed for a home run. A few home runs and you’re well on your way to ultimate victory in your marriage.

Do you have any rememberable quotes from one of your coaches? Keep it PG here! I know, I had a few of those coaches over the years also.

What is your strategy for covering these 3 bases? Share with the rest of the team by making comments below.

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