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Do you want more for your family, but just can’t seem

to escape the whirlwind of life to work on those relationships?


Most families are caught up in a whirlwind of busyness that leaves them feeling disconnected. Marriages are stuck in unhappiness and dissatisfaction, struggling with meaningful communication and real intimacy. Parents feel like their children are aimlessly wandering away from the family values as their relationship with them becomes regulated to being their cook a maid. Without a method to slow the pace of life, families drift apart.

With twenty-three years of marriage and three teenagers, Michael Tanner experienced the same whirlwind. In all this experience, he’s discovered only one method to help him build thriving relationships within his family. The best part? It fits easily into our busy schedules.

The Family Legacy Journal equips parents to reconnect with their family in just ten minutes of journaling each day. Through the power of gratitude, reflection, and affirmation, parents are empowered to resist the whirlwind and establish thriving family relationships. Based on timeless biblical wisdom and powerful psychological science. The Family Legacy Journal establishes a personal attitude of gratitude, eliminates negativity, improves family relationships through self-reflection, encourages parents to persevere through the power of affirmation, and builds thriving family relationships that leave a lasting legacy.

All in just ten minutes each day!


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