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Tanner Family

I understand the pressure and stress of selecting a speaker for big events. The success of an event comes down to the quality of the speaker. My commitment is to be flexible, work to understand your needs, and give you a 110% effort toward achieving your event goals and serving your audience.

My hope is that this page will provide you with the information you need to make the best decision possible.

What You Can Expect…

  1. Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and emails
  2. Personal phone consultations prior to your event, so that I can better understand how I can best serve you and your audience
  3. Promotion of your event through my platform (assuming your event is open to the public)
  4. A professionally prepared and dynamically delivered presentation focused on your desired outcomes
  5. An exclusive resource page on my platform that offers your audience free resource to further their experience
  6. A quick follow-up communication to ensure I’ve met your expectations

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What Others Are Saying…

Michael Tanner is the real deal! He’s a man of outstanding integrity, a loving husband, and very intentional as a father. He’s also a faithful servant of Christ through his local church, and in the professional workplace, too. The reason Michael wears every hat so well is because his heart is absolutely full of Jesus. It’s an honor to have him as a friend.Jeremy Morton
Senior Pastor - Cartersville First Baptist Church
Michael is passionate about men being men. Unashamedly, he asks men to be men of God, to love their wives as Christ loves the church, and to be Godly fathers to their children. His desire is that no man settles for a second-rate relationship with his wife or his family.Bradley Baker
Senior Pastor - Euharlee Baptist Church
I have found Michael’s teaching and preaching to be both engaging and informative. He truly is a Student of the Gospel, and I have found his grasp of it to be beyond just a casual interest. His style is enjoyable and instructional at the same time. I truly have been blessed to be under his preaching when it has presented itself. I also have been privileged to work with him under his leadership in various roles within our church family.

Most of all, I consider Michael to be a valued and trusted friend to myself and my family.Lee Daniel, CIC, CPIA
Harry Daniel Insurance

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More About Me…

Tanner Family

Tanner Family

I am a follower of Jesus Christ that strives daily to properly fulfill my role as spiritual leader of my family. I utilize my 22+ years of marriage experience, my 15+ years as a father, my Masters Degree in Christian Leadership, and my professional leadership career to challenge men to act like men, encourage marriages to success, and equip parents to raise children into thriving adults. I help men, marriages, and parents through blogging, writing, public speaking, coaching/mentoring, and podcasting.

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Speaking Topics…

Challenging Men – Act Like REAL Men

Men like a challenge. Families thrive when men step up to the challenge to act like REAL men. REAL men Relate well to their wife, Engage deeply with their children, Accept their responsibilities, and Lead their family well. In this presentation, I will define what each of those statements mean, describe how men can live up to them, and provide practical actions that can be taken immediately.

Encouraging Marriages – SCORE in Marriage

Marriage success is not measured by the avoidance of divorce. Too many marriages suffer from a lack of happiness. A successful marriage is one in which happiness continues to grow. Couples can SCORE in their marriage and grow happiness by being a Servant to their spouse, continuing the Courtship of their spouse, putting Other priorities in the correct order, taking well timed Recesses with their spouse, and saving Energy for their spouse. In this presentation, I will encourage marriages that their married life isn’t doomed to unhappiness, provide solid wisdom regarding how a marriage relationship can be successful, and offer practical guidance that can improve their marriage immediately.

Equipping Parents – RAISE Thriving Adults

All parents feel ill equipped to parent their children at some point. Some feel that way at many points. The goal of parenting isn’t just to survive their childhood, but to RAISE them to be thriving adults. Parents can navigate their children into thriving adulthood by Rewarding desired behavior, Acknowledging the unknown, Inspecting for accountability, Showing unconditional love, and Encouraging failure. In this presentation, I will equip parents with a thorough knowledge of these principles and provide actionable information that will encourage all parents.

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The Next Step…

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