The BEST Way To Love Your Wife

The Mistake Proof Method For Demonstrating Your Love For Her

Have you ever felt you were knocking it out of the park regarding your love for your wife? Only to realize that she feels lonely and abandoned by you. How can this be? You bring flowers home from after work. You do the dishes and clean up the kitchen every now and again. You do homework with the kids. You take her out for date nights. With all of this, how can she possibly not feel loved by you?

The BEST Way To Love Your Wife

The BEST Way To Love Your Wife

Well, I have a reality check for you. Your wife can still feel a lack of love after all these efforts and many more. You may think I’m headed down the path of better understanding your wife’s love language. While that is very important, I have a mistake proof method for demonstrating your love for her that transcends all of the five love languages in Gary Chapman’s famous book.

That’s right, in this one article I’ll give you the secret that will empower you to sweep her off her feet and make her feel like the most loved lady on the planet. And best of all, this method is mistake proof. Literally, we can’t mess this up.

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, you can also rest assured that your wife will recognize and feel your love when you use the method I’m about to share with you. This method of demonstrating your love is absolute truth. This method is biblical. This method is God’s plan for your marriage.

So what is this method? How can you best love your wife?


So that you believe my claim this is biblical and God’s plan for you marriage, let me take you to Ephesians 5:25. Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. Now we know that Paul is likely referring to Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself on the cross in payment for the sins of those of the church. God isn’t telling your to find a way to sacrifice your life. But He is telling your to love your wife in a manner that makes it clear you are willing to sacrifice anything for her.

Do you think Jesus was willing to sacrifice his time for the church? Do you think Jesus was willing to sacrifice his career for the church? What about his friends? Think He would give up his friends for the sake of the church if need be? And hobbies? What are the chances Jesus would choose His hobbies over the church?

We all know the answer to these questions. Of course Jesus would sacrifice all of those things and more for the church. And we know this with certainty because He proved it with his actions on the cross – by sacrificing His life.

Does your wife know without a doubt that you would sacrifice your career for her? Hunting and fishing are may favorite hobbies. I have the fondest of life memories associated with these activities with my dad. Maybe you enjoy hunting and fishing as much as I do. Does your wife believe you would sacrifice your time in the woods or the trout stream for her?

Your wife’s primary need in life is security. This isn’t just physical security. This is also emotional, mental, and spiritual security. She gains emotional, mental, and spiritual security in the confidence that her husband is willing and prepared to sacrifice whatever necessary for the good of her and the family.

Now that we know the best method to demonstrate love for our wives, we are left only with what and how. What and how do we sacrifice for our wives? That will need to be the topics for another blog article. In the meantime, if you really need more details and are truly willing to follow this advice, shoot me an email at

Question: What are you sacrificing to show love for your wife? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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